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Brisbane Girls Grammar School

Independent Female School

School TypeSecondary

70 Gregory Terrace , Spring Hill QLD 4000 Australia

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Key Facts


The uniform is compulsory and enforced


1177 students all in secondary (Very Big)


100% girls

Overview of the Curriculum

Languages: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin

Activities and Support

15 music options; 34 sporting activities; 31 other clubs or activities;

About Brisbane Girls Grammar School

Brisbane Girls Grammar School offers a liberal education – an education that provides a basis for continuous learning and one that encourages girls to engage in critical thought using a variety of thinking methodologies. Our fundamental goal underpinning this is to provide every young woman with the best intellectual platform from which to approach their future endeavours.

A Girls Grammar education recognises the particular strengths and needs of the individual, seeking to draw out the very best in every girl.

Our highly qualified teachers specialise in educating and caring for teenaged girls. This, combined with optimal class sizes, world-class facilities and the latest technologies, fulfils their specific learning, developmental and social needs.

At the heart of the School, and the core of all that we do, are the young women in our care. In partnership with families, the School’s responsibility is to develop in our girls the capacity to engage with and respond to their world with wisdom, imagination and integrity.

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  • 70 Gregory Terrace , Spring Hill QLD 4000 Australia
  • website

Spring Hill, QLD 4000
(0.82 km to CBD)

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Brisbane Girls Grammar School, Spring Hill 4000 QLD

Student Attendance Rate


97%Student Attendance Rate

  • Enrollments1172
  • Non-English Speaking20%
  • Top Quarter87%
  • Bottom Quarter0%


92%Student Attendance Rate

  • Enrollments1159
  • Non-English Speaking9%
  • Top Quarter91%
  • Bottom Quarter1%


96%Student Attendance Rate

  • Enrollments1165
  • Non-English Speaking16%
  • Top Quarter76%
  • Bottom Quarter0%


97%Student Attendance Rate

  • Enrollments1164
  • Non-English Speaking18%
  • Top Quarter85%
  • Bottom Quarter1%

NAPLAN Ranking - Secondary Schools


Rank 2 Secondary Schools In QLD

  • Overall 96
  • Reading 91
  • Writing 100
  • Language 94
  • Numeracy 100

Rank 3 Secondary Schools In QLD

  • Overall 95
  • Reading 95
  • Writing 100
  • Language 95
  • Numeracy 92

Rank 3 Secondary Schools In QLD

  • Overall 95
  • Reading 92
  • Writing 100
  • Language 90
  • Numeracy 96

Rank 3 Secondary Schools In QLD

  • Overall 95
  • Reading 94
  • Writing 100
  • Language 100
  • Numeracy 87