What is AuHousePrices.Com and what services do you offer?

AuHousePrices.Com is one of the property resource websites in the Australia. We provide details of homes listed for sale by agents, property sold prices, house sold history, rent yield, suburb profile, local statistics and more...

The information and services we offer are completely FREE to the general public.

Is AuHousePrices.Com an estate agency?

We are not an estate agency.

Why is the location I entered not recognised by your search?

The most common cause of this is misspellings. Check that the address, suburb name or postcode you entered is spelled correctly. If you believe a location should be recognised and it is not, please let us know by selecting Contact us.

How accurate are the information provided in AuHousePrices.Com?

All of the information, sold prices are based on publicly available data from online and offline, which may be incomplete or inaccurate. Accuracy levels will therefore vary by location based on the amount of data we have for similar properties.