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More Recent Sold in City Beach

AddressSold DatePrice
4C/129 Drabble Road, City Beach WAJul 2019$900,000
3 Waite Place, City Beach WAJul 2019$1,500,000
33 Pandora Drive, City Beach WAJul 2019$1,275,000
37 Empire Avenue, City Beach WAJul 2019$2,150,000
1 Merley Crescent, City Beach WAJul 2019$1,720,000

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Schools in City Beach

School NameSchool SectorSchool Type
City Beach Primary SchoolGovernmentPrimary
Holy Spirit SchoolIndependentPrimary
International School of Western Australia
Kapinara Primary SchoolGovernmentPrimary
The Japanese School In PerthIndependentCombined

Crime Rate of Cambridge

Crime TypeRate of City BeachRate of WA
Steal Motor Vehicle160222
Note: City Beach belongs to city Cambridge. Crime rate means the number crimes per 100,000 population.

Demographics of City Beach

PopulationSizeCity BeachPerth
All People62451340258
Country of OriginCity BeachPerth
Australian Born69%63%
Born Overseas - Top 5City BeachPerth
United Kingdom11%12%
South Africa2%1%
New Zealand2%2%
United States of America2%0%
Median household incomeCity BeachPerth
Weekly income$2,576$1,459
Age StatisticsCity BeachPerth
40 to 5929%29%
5 to 1924%16%
20 to 3920%32%
0 to 45%7%
Family Statistics - Top 5City BeachPerth
Never Married26%33%
Religion - Top 5City BeachPerth
No Religion16%22%
Uniting Church7%5%
Occupation - Top 5City BeachPerth
Managers and Administrators8%3%
Associate Professional6%5%
Intermediate Clerical/Sales/Service5%8%
Advanced Clerical and Service Workers3%2%
Education - Top 5City BeachPerth
Not Attending (Working)69%73%
Secondary Education8%7%
University or other Tertiary Institution8%5%
Technical or Further Education2%3%
Transport to Work - Top 5City BeachPerth
Car (driver)33%28%
Worked at home4%2%
Car (passenger)2%3%
Bus Only1%1%
Type of Dwelling - Top 3City BeachPerth
Separate house85%76%
Nature of Occupancy - Top 3City BeachPerth
Fully Owned62%37%
Monthly Loan Repayment - Top 5City BeachPerth

Supply Demand History in City Beach

2015 Apr744440
2015 May724513
2015 Jun623517
2015 Jul573556
2015 Aug544418
2015 Sep533302
2015 Oct533864
2015 Nov634618
2015 Dec643634
2016 Jan654185
2016 Feb684274
2016 Mar673968
2016 Apr703789

Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data

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City Beach, WA 6015
(10.04 km to CBD)

Surrounding Suburbs

Closest Train Station

Stirling Station 4.27 km

Selected Demographics of City Beach

  • 2373 Number of House
  • 460 Number of Unit
  • 6245 Number of People
  • 44 Median Age
  • 2.8 Median Household Size
  • $650 Weekly Rent
  • $874 Weekly Individual Income
  • $2,819 Weekly Family Income
  • $2,575 Weekly Household Income
  • $1,800,000 Median Asking Price
  • $850 Median Rent
  • 0.02% Rent Yield
  • 106 Stock On Sale
  • 0.50% Vacancy Rate
  • 68 Average Supply
  • 3908 Average Demand
  • 57.61 Supply Demand Ratio

Leading Agencies (Sale)

Space Real Estate - Cottesloe 18%

Optimus Real Estate - City Beach 14%
Realmark West - Floreat 14%
Nena Snooks Real Estate - City Beach 11%
Acton North - CITY BEACH 8%
Mack Hall Real Estate - Claremont 3%
Caporn Young Estate Agents - Claremont 2%
West Coast Real Estate - Scarborough 2%
Acton - Dalkeith 2%
LJ Hooker - Claremont 1%

Leading Agents (Rent)

Agent NamePercentage
Nena Snooks Real Estate - City Beach15%
Acton North - City Beach10%
Schwenke Young & Co - City Beach10%
Realmark West - Floreat10%
Acton - Dalkeith5%
For Sale For Lease Pty Ltd - Melbourne5%
Eaton Residential - North Perth5%
Peard - Scarborough5%
Space Real Estate - Cottesloe5%
Caporn Young Estate Agents - Claremont5%