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Schools in Shenton Park

School NameSchool SectorSchool Type
Rosalie Primary SchoolGovernmentPrimary
Shenton CollegeGovernmentSecondary
Shenton College Deaf Education Centre

Crime Rate of Subiaco

Crime TypeRate of Shenton ParkRate of WA
Steal Motor Vehicle78222
Note: Shenton Park belongs to city Subiaco. Crime rate means the number crimes per 100,000 population.

Demographics of Shenton Park

PopulationSizeShenton ParkPerth
All People127711340258
Country of OriginShenton ParkPerth
Australian Born70%63%
Born Overseas - Top 5Shenton ParkPerth
United Kingdom12%12%
New Zealand3%2%
South Africa1%1%
Median household incomeShenton ParkPerth
Weekly income$1,889$1,459
Age StatisticsShenton ParkPerth
20 to 3934%32%
40 to 5928%29%
5 to 1915%16%
0 to 46%7%
Family Statistics - Top 5Shenton ParkPerth
Never Married40%33%
Religion - Top 5Shenton ParkPerth
No Religion27%22%
Uniting Church6%5%
Presbyterian and Reformed3%3%
Occupation - Top 5Shenton ParkPerth
Intermediate Clerical/Sales/Service7%8%
Associate Professional6%5%
Managers and Administrators4%3%
Elementary Clerical/Sales/Service3%4%
Education - Top 5Shenton ParkPerth
Not Attending (Working)74%73%
University or other Tertiary Institution9%5%
Secondary Education5%7%
Technical or Further Education3%3%
Transport to Work - Top 5Shenton ParkPerth
Car (driver)26%28%
Bus Only3%1%
Car (passenger)3%3%
Worked at home2%2%
Type of Dwelling - Top 3Shenton ParkPerth
Separate house57%76%
Nature of Occupancy - Top 3Shenton ParkPerth
Fully Owned32%37%
Monthly Loan Repayment - Top 5Shenton ParkPerth

Supply Demand History in Shenton Park

2015 Apr293255
2015 May293389
2015 Jun252736
2015 Jul232644
2015 Aug222345
2015 Sep252288
2015 Oct232661
2015 Nov272957
2015 Dec292246
2016 Jan313438
2016 Feb312692
2016 Mar272330
2016 Apr232095

Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data

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Shenton Park, WA 6008
(3.56 km to CBD)

Surrounding Suburbs

Closest Train Station

Daglish Station 1.20 km

Selected Demographics of Shenton Park

  • 1751 Number of House
  • 811 Number of Unit
  • 12771 Number of People
  • 39 Median Age
  • 2.3 Median Household Size
  • $373 Weekly Rent
  • $892 Weekly Individual Income
  • $2,690 Weekly Family Income
  • $1,869 Weekly Household Income
  • $1,320,000 Median Asking Price
  • $678 Median Rent
  • 0.03% Rent Yield
  • 55 Stock On Sale
  • 0.85% Vacancy Rate
  • 25 Average Supply
  • 2251 Average Demand
  • 89.45 Supply Demand Ratio

Leading Agencies (Sale)

Paxton Hoad - Subiaco 17%

The Property Exchange - Subiaco 14%
Bellcourt Property Group 8%
Caporn Young Estate Agents - Claremont 7%
Coakley & Martin Estate Agents - Subiaco 4%
Space Real Estate - Cottesloe 3%
Shellabear's - Cottesloe 3%
Growth Realty - Subiaco 3%
Abel McGrath Property Group - Claremont 2%
Tsokos Property - Subiaco 2%

Leading Agents (Rent)

Agent NamePercentage
The Property Exchange - Subiaco31%
Coakley & Martin Estate Agents - Subiaco10%
Rossen Real Estate - Nedlands10%
Paxton Hoad - Subiaco10%
Bellcourt Property Group - SHENTON PARK5%
Value Real Estate - East Perth5%
Pure Leasing Central5%
Leasing Property WA Pty Ltd - Subiaco5%
Gow Real Estate - Shenton Park5%
Executive Apartments Pty Ltd - South Perth5%