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More Recent Sold in Mount Waverley

AddressSold DatePrice
43 Cratloe Road, Mount Waverley VICAug 2021$2,388,000
46 Wadham Parade, Mount Waverley VICJul 2021$1,590,000
5 Devon Court, Mount Waverley VICJul 2021$1,561,000
17 Leeds Road, Mount Waverley VICJul 2021$1,485,000
23 Baily Street, Mount Waverley VICJul 2021$1,850,000

Schools in Mount Waverley

School NameSchool SectorSchool Type
Avila CollegeCatholicSecondary
Essex Heights Primary SchoolGovernmentPrimary
Holy Family SchoolIndependentPrimary
Huntingtower SchoolIndependentCombined
Mount Waverley North Primary SchoolGovernmentPrimary
Mount Waverley Primary SchoolGovernmentPrimary
Mount Waverley Secondary CollegeGovernmentSecondary
Mount Waverley Secondary College Junior Campus
Pinewood Primary SchoolGovernmentPrimary
Sussex Heights Primary SchoolGovernmentPrimary
Syndal South Primary SchoolGovernmentPrimary

Crime Rate of Monash

Crime TypeRate of MONASHRate of VIC
Crime Against Property3,3144,607
Crime Against the Person476940
Drug Offences107311
Other Crime239875
Note: Mount Waverley belongs to city Monash. Crime rate means the number crimes per 100,000 population.

Demographics of Mount Waverley

PopulationSizeMount WaverleyMelbourne
All People294603366613
Country of OriginMount WaverleyMelbourne
Australian Born68%65%
Born Overseas - Top 5Mount WaverleyMelbourne
United Kingdom4%5%
Sri Lanka2%1%
Median household incomeMount WaverleyMelbourne
Weekly income$1,369$1,333
Age StatisticsMount WaverleyMelbourne
20 to 3927%33%
40 to 5926%28%
5 to 1918%14%
0 to 45%7%
Family Statistics - Top 5Mount WaverleyMelbourne
Never Married29%33%
Religion - Top 5Mount WaverleyMelbourne
No Religion19%19%
Uniting Church9%5%
Occupation - Top 5Mount WaverleyMelbourne
Intermediate Clerical/Sales/Service8%7%
Associate Professional6%5%
Tradespersons and Related Workers5%6%
Elementary Clerical/Sales/Service5%4%
Education - Top 5Mount WaverleyMelbourne
Not Attending (Working)74%73%
Secondary Education7%7%
University or other Tertiary Institution6%5%
Technical or Further Education3%3%
Transport to Work - Top 5Mount WaverleyMelbourne
Car (driver)31%28%
Train Only3%2%
Car (passenger)2%3%
Worked at home2%2%
Train & Other2%1%
Type of Dwelling - Top 3Mount WaverleyMelbourne
Separate house88%74%
Nature of Occupancy - Top 3Mount WaverleyMelbourne
Fully Owned59%43%
Monthly Loan Repayment - Top 5Mount WaverleyMelbourne

Supply Demand History in Mount Waverley

2015 Apr13413358
2015 May13313999
2015 Jun14113028
2015 Jul15513568
2015 Aug16512073
2015 Sep18011931
2015 Oct21412281
2015 Nov26412074
2015 Dec1887982
2016 Jan1608703
2016 Feb19311209
2016 Mar18010060
2016 Apr19312920

Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data

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Mount Waverley, VIC 3149
(16.14 km to CBD)

Surrounding Suburbs

Closest Train Station

Mount Waverley Station 0.13 km

Selected Demographics of Mount Waverley

  • 12933 Number of House
  • 3951 Number of Unit
  • 29460 Number of People
  • 41 Median Age
  • 2.7 Median Household Size
  • $356 Weekly Rent
  • $567 Weekly Individual Income
  • $1,649 Weekly Family Income
  • $1,369 Weekly Household Income
  • $1,400,000 Median Asking Price
  • $495 Median Rent
  • 0.02% Rent Yield
  • 366 Stock On Sale
  • 0.76% Vacancy Rate
  • 184 Average Supply
  • 11013 Average Demand
  • 59.85 Supply Demand Ratio

Leading Agencies (Sale)

Jellis Craig - Mount Waverley 15%

Barry Plant - Mount Waverley 14%
Harcourts - Judd White 6%
Hocking Stuart - Mount Waverley 6%
Buxton Mount Waverley - MOUNT WAVERLEY 5%
Stockdale & Leggo - Mount Waverley 5%
Waverley City First National - Glen Waverley 4%
McGrath Real Estate Waverley - MOUNT WAVERLEY 4%
Ray White - Glen Waverley 4%
Ray White - Mount Waverley 3%

Leading Agents (Rent)

Agent NamePercentage
Stockdale & Leggo - Glen Waverley16%
Barry Plant - Mount Waverley12%
Harcourts - Judd White7%
Hocking Stuart - Mount Waverley6%
RUN Property - Mount Waverley6%
Woodards - Mount Waverley6%
Ray White - Oakleigh5%
Jellis Craig - Mount Waverley5%
Ray White - Glen Waverley4%
Waverley City First National - Glen Waverley3%