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The Kilmore International School

Independent 5-12 Coeducational School

School TypeCombined

40 White St , Kilmore VIC 3764 Australia

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Phone03 5782 2211
Website www.kilmore.vic.ed...

Key Facts


Year 10 are $9,550
Year 12 are $12,200

International Fee

Year 10 are $27,800
Year 12 are $34,400


The uniform is compulsory and enforced


390 students,
30 up to Year 6,
360 in secondary (Small)
80 in Year 12
150 taking IB Diploma;


50% girls

Overview of the Curriculum

Math classes are streamed.
English classes are streamed.

Languages: Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai

Overview of IB Diploma

51 IB subjects on offer;
Languages; Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Korean, Malay, Thai

Selected senior secondary IB results

91% of IB student successfully obtained an IB diploma
with 15% of IB students achieving an IB score of 40+

Activities and Support

9 music options; 11 sporting activities; 12 other clubs or activities; 7 support staff.


100% to university

Message from the Principal

The Kilmore International School (TKIS) is unique in Australia in providing to all students in Years 11 and 12 the academically rigorous International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. This program has an internationally recognised track record of facilitating entrance to university courses around the world and of preparing students for completion of those university courses with high levels of achievement.

At The Kilmore International School we are committed to the development of outstanding thinkers who are able to live life to the fullest as global citizens. In the first instance, we provide a comprehensive program of high level instruction, including additional tutorials. This is complemented by a wide range of cultural, social and sporting experiences and these combine to provide an enriched educational experience, in a safe rural environment.

We regard academic excellence as the key to enhanced life opportunities and access to universities of first choice around the world as the natural extension of our program. Students here can benefit from contact with our graduates at Oxford University, Cambridge, The London School of Economics, Yale, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon and other highly sought after international universities. For graduates who choose to continue their studies in Australia, we provide a strong link with The University of Melbourne, through the Melbourne Schools Partnership International, as well as with The Australian National University and other Australian universities.

We believe that a young person grows best within a caring and close-knit community that has a truly international outlook. By working in close collaboration with parents we strive to realise their dreams for their children and to open the doors to each student's future.

- Andrew Taylor (Principal).

A premier IB World School

The Kilmore International School (TKIS) is an independent, non-denominational, coeducational boarding and day school for academically motivated students. Classes are offered from Years 5 to 12, with boarding available from Year 7. The school is totally committed to the International Baccalaureate (IB), with all students ultimately being prepared to sit for the full IB Diploma Programme in Years 11 and 12. Years 5 to 9 are designed to challenge capable students and to provide special assistance for students in problem areas. Year 10 is designed as a bridging program to specifically prepare students for entry into the IB Diploma course in Years 11 and 12. The motto of the school is ‘Excellentia Academica Persequenda’, which literally means ‘the pursuit of academic excellence’. Every student is encouraged to reach his or her maximum personal and academic potential. The school is located in Kilmore, only 58 kilometres from Melbourne, and is well serviced by bus and train. It is ideally situated for access to most of Victoria’s major attractions and is particularly suitable as an educational centre as it does not suffer the social problems that plague larger cities. Students undertake their studies in a caring and friendly atmosphere in a peaceful country environment under well supervised conditions. International students are exceptionally well catered for at Kilmore as the school conducts all year levels (including the IB years) within a fully supportive ESL environment and provides extra out-of-hours intensive tutorials in ESL.

The Kilmore International School offers local and international student enrolments; small class sizes; a small school environment (around 370 students); intensive tutorials conducted on weekdays (3.30 pm to 6.00 pm); highly qualified academic staff (including 30 IB examiners and many with international teaching experience); tuition in a wide variety of languages, including English, Indonesian, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malay, French, German and others on demand (usually to native speaker levels); expert assistance with university placements worldwide; comprehensive counselling services; separate male and female accommodation (both on and off campus); complete pastoral care and supervision; highly experienced boarding staff providing care and comfort to students; tasty and nutritious meals with an international menu; and an all-inclusive fee, including scholarships for Australian citizens.

Recreational facilities either on campus or close to the school include volleyball, tennis, gymnasium, basketball, aerobics, swimming, soccer, golf and horse riding. Tuition fees for Australian students range from $6800 per year for Year 5 to $9900 per year for Year 12. Boarding for all students is $17,800 per year, inclusive of accommodation, all meals, laundry and GST.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

The IB Programme is a highly acclaimed, externally examined university entrance qualification recognised by institutions worldwide and is a credible alternative to the Victorian VCE or other state high school qualifications in Australia. Prestigious universities worldwide keenly seek students holding the IB Diploma, with most institutions granting direct entry, often giving advanced placement recognition to IB graduates. The significant advantages enjoyed by IB students when applying to universities is obvious when viewing the relative entry criteria at any quality university. The various IB programmes are conducted in over 3500 schools in more than 140 countries and provide the best opportunity for local and international students to enter universities worldwide. The programme was introduced in the early 1960s and grew from the need to facilitate the mobility of students internationally and to promote international understanding. The IB is administered by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), a non-government organisation holding consultative status with UNESCO, based in Geneva, Switzerland. Examinations are held worldwide in May and November and are externally set and assessed by the IBO.

All IB Diploma candidates are required to engage in the study of languages, sciences, mathematics, humanities and fine arts. The intent is that students should learn how to learn; how to analyse; and how to reach considered conclusions about people, their languages and literature, their ways in society and the scientific forces which mould the environment. The IB is routinely given full credit by British institutions, since IB higher level subjects are usually considered at or above the standard for British A-Levels. It is common for IB Diploma holders to receive advanced placement (course credit) status at both Australian and US institutions, as most universities recognise that ‘all higher leveland some standard level IB subjects are equivalent to university level work’.

TKIS is now a proud member of the Melbourne Schools’ Partnership International with The University of Melbourne. This partnership offers significant benefits to the students of the school. High-achieving Year 11 students will be granted entry into the university’s Science Summer School, and students receive priority consideration for scholarships.

Graduate achievements

The Kilmore International School’s focus is on academic achievement. Established in 1990, the school is proud to say that 100 per cent of our graduates have obtained offers from universities of their choice. Past graduates are now studying at or have completed degrees at the world’s leading tertiary institutions, including Yale, NYU and MIT in the United States; Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and Imperial College in the United Kingdom; and Australia’s top universities, such as ANU, UNSW, The University of Sydney, Monash and The University of Melbourne.

Deputy School Captain Sophie Rutter and classmate Eric Sesto each achieved an IB score of 43, equivalent to an outstanding ATAR of 99.65. Sophie is now studying a Bachelor of Arts at The University of Melbourne and hopes to become a lawyer one day. Eric received a scholarship to study architecture at Bond University. Our average IB score for 2012 was 33, translating into an average ATAR score of 90.55. These results placed approximately 17 per cent of our graduating class in the top two per cent and 60 per cent within the top ten per cent of all Australian students. One student has received an offer from Oxford University in the UK and eight university scholarships have been granted. Once again in 2012, all Kilmore graduates were successful in receiving university places, usually for the most demanding programs and often for double degrees.

The Kilmore International School is extremely proud of its graduate outcomes. Having sent students to top universities throughout the world — including those in Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea and New Zealand — for many years and seeing them go on to gain highly paid employment in prestigious and demanding professions all over the world, we have ample reason to believe in the strength of the IB Programme and the opportunities it provides for motivated students.

Application procedures

All prospective Australian students currently enrolled in Year 5 or above are required to sit an entrance and scholarship examination prior to submitting a formal application to determine their eligibility for enrolment.

Scholarships for Australian students are awarded on academic merit as established by the examination and are offered as a percentage reduction in tuition. Once awarded, a scholarship continues to remain in effect for the duration of enrolment (from Year 7 to Year 12, for example), unless the student does not meet satisfactory behavioral or academic requirements. International students must also sit an entrance test to determine their eligibility for enrolment.

Academic Scholarship

Awarded for academic excellence. Based on an exam.


Remission of tuition fees and tutorial fees for the duration of enrolment. Amount varies at the discretion of the Principal.



Contact Details

Ms Patricia Mahon, Principal's Assistant (03) 57822211

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  • 40 White St , Kilmore VIC 3764 Australia
  • 03 5782 2211
  • website

Kilmore, VIC 3764
(57.55 km to CBD)

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The Kilmore International School, Kilmore 3764 VIC

Student Attendance Rate


89%Student Attendance Rate

  • Enrollments349
  • Non-English Speaking25%
  • Top Quarter62%
  • Bottom Quarter3%


98%Student Attendance Rate

  • Enrollments358
  • Non-English Speaking46%
  • Top Quarter56%
  • Bottom Quarter4%


96%Student Attendance Rate

  • Enrollments363
  • Non-English Speaking29%
  • Top Quarter47%
  • Bottom Quarter3%


93%Student Attendance Rate

  • Enrollments406
  • Non-English Speaking42%
  • Top Quarter52%
  • Bottom Quarter6%

NAPLAN Ranking - Primary Schools


Rank 15 Primary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 89
  • Reading 95
  • Writing 100
  • Language 88
  • Numeracy 75

Rank 80 Primary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 79
  • Reading 67
  • Writing 70
  • Language 85
  • Numeracy 94

Rank 67 Primary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 83
  • Reading 96
  • Writing 77
  • Language 70
  • Numeracy 86

Rank 35 Primary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 88
  • Reading 100
  • Writing 69
  • Language 81
  • Numeracy 99

NAPLAN Ranking - Secondary Schools


Rank 30 Secondary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 87
  • Reading 81
  • Writing 86
  • Language 81
  • Numeracy 96

Rank 46 Secondary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 83
  • Reading 82
  • Writing 76
  • Language 77
  • Numeracy 96

Rank 83 Secondary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 74
  • Reading 70
  • Writing 74
  • Language 73
  • Numeracy 79

Rank 29 Secondary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 89
  • Reading 88
  • Writing 82
  • Language 93
  • Numeracy 91