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MacRobertson Girls High School

Government 9-12 Female School

School TypeSecondary

350-370 Kings Way , Melbourne VIC 3004 Australia

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Phone03 9864 7755

Key Facts

Voluntary Contributions

Year 10 are $1,500
Year 12 are $1,650


The uniform is compulsory and enforced


945 students all in secondary (Big)
240 in Year 12
505 in VCE level 3/4 Units
22 in VCE VET


100% girls

Overview of the Curriculum

Math classes are streamed.
English classes are of mixed ability.

Languages: French, German, Indonesian, Japanese

Overview of senior secondary subjects

46 VCE level 3/4 studies, VET programs available;

LOTE taught to Unit 4 level: French, German, Indonesian, Japanese

Selected senior secondary results

38% study scores of 40+;
median study score of 38;
satisfactory completions of VCE 100%, of VET 100%

Activities and Support

11 music options; 29 sporting activities; 48 other clubs or activities; 16 support staff.


99% to university
1% to TAFE

About Mac.Robertson Girls' High School

Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, one of the finest schools in Victoria, is a selective entry government school for girls in Years 9 to 12. With an outstanding record of academic excellence, the school remains at the forefront of education for girls in Australia. Mac.Robertson Girls’ High students consistently top the state in VCE results and excel in sport, music, visual arts, drama, debating and public speaking.

The school provides an educational experience that equips girls for tertiary study and leadership roles in the academic, professional and business communities, and develops interests and skills to enhance their personal lives. The school has a prestigious history, tracing its origins to the establishment of the first Victorian state secondary school in 1905. Its many eminent former students provide strong role models and inspiration for current students.

Close to the CBD, in an attractive parkland setting adjacent to Albert Park Lake, the school offers outstanding facilities for the delivery of its programs. The school is easily accessible by public transport. Students from all over greater metropolitan Melbourne and beyond bring a wealth of cultural and social backgrounds to the school.

Entry requirements

Year 9 entry is via an examination conducted in June by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and is open to all girls currently completing their second year of secondary schooling. The school does not enrol international fee-paying students. There is a small number of vacancies at Years 10, 11 and 12. Further information is available on the school website.

Academic performance

Macrob’s exceptional record of academic performance was evident in students’ 2012 VCE results, the culmination of four years of exposure to a culture of excellence.

  • Students achieved a median ATAR of 96.8.
  • 14 per cent of students achieved an ATAR above 99.00.
  • 81.7 per cent of students achieved an ATAR above 90.00.
  • There were 15 perfect study scores of 50.

Learning environment

Students’ talents, efforts and achievements are rewarded in an environment that fosters mutual respect, personal integrity and a strong sense of self-worth. True to its motto, ‘Potens Sui’ (mastery of self), the school adheres to a code of conduct based on selfdiscipline and responsibility to oneself and others. There is a strong work ethos and classrooms are collaborative, inclusive and focused on learning. An outstanding aspect of the school is the care and support that students show for each other.

All new students are supported by an extensive transition program, which includes peer support and transport buddies. A high level of pastoral care is provided by the subschool structure and trained welfare staff. All students receive comprehensive careers counselling and orientation programs for VCE and tertiary entrance. Civic responsibility and community involvement are encouraged through the school’s social service program.


High-quality, purpose-built facilities include a learning resource centre, a theatre, a gymnasium, science and computer laboratories, a music technology laboratory, a school canteen and a Year 12 common room. Extensive ICT facilities include access to networked computers in all classrooms and class sets of tablet PCs. Electronic whiteboards are used as learning tools in all subject areas


The school is committed to meeting the learning needs of students by providing a fulfilling and challenging education at a high academic level. Provision for gifted and talented students is an essential part of the curriculum. Student learning at all levels is enriched by collaborative programs with other schools and universities and through flexible modes of delivery such as seminars, student forums, lectures, scholars-in-residence and online learning. Individual progress is carefully monitored and students are provided with study skills training.

Middle School curriculum (Years 9 and 10)

A strong core program and an exciting range of innovative and stimulating elective studies in the Middle School offer many enrichment and extension opportunities. A Mathematics Acceleration Program is available from Year 9 onwards. There is an emphasis on facilitating students to become self-directed lifelong learners through the information literacy program, the independent learning electives and the study skills program.

Senior School curriculum (Years 11 and 12)

An extensive range of VCE subjects, including VET studies, is offered in the Senior School — 28 at Unit 1/2 level and 32 at Unit 3/4 level in 2013. This breadth includes some studies not commonly offered — history: Renaissance Italy, philosophy, English language, environmental science and four different LOTE studies. Subject acceleration, including university enhancement, is available for students of high ability. Year 11 students with sound study skills and a high level of academic achievement are encouraged to include one or two Year 12 subjects in their course. These students are able to choose from most Unit 3/4 subjects and enjoy great success in their studies.

Co-curricular program

The very extensive co-curricular program includes sports, chorals, musical ensembles, drama productions, leadership programs and student-run interest groups, camps and clubs. The house system plays a vital role in the provision of opportunities for students to gain enjoyment and achieve success. Excellence in music is a source of pride for the school. All students are actively involved in the music program and are provided with many opportunities to participate in public performances at local, state and national levels. Students can enrol for individual instrumental lessons at the school with specialist teachers who have experience at VCE and tertiary level and in AMEB examinations. Overseas study trips and language exchanges with sister schools in France, Germany, Indonesia and Japan connect students with the international community. The school is recognised internationally for best practice in the education of gifted and high-performing girls and is visited regularly by educators from overseas.

School tours and information evenings

School tours and information evenings for prospective parents are organised during the first semester. For further information, please contact the Registrar on (03) 9864 7755.

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  • 350-370 Kings Way , Melbourne VIC 3004 Australia
  • 03 9864 7755
  • website

Melbourne, VIC 3000
(0.05 km to CBD)

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MacRobertson Girls High School, Melbourne 3004 VIC

Student Attendance Rate


0%Student Attendance Rate

  • Enrollments941
  • Non-English Speaking87%
  • Top Quarter66%
  • Bottom Quarter4%


97%Student Attendance Rate

  • Enrollments936
  • Non-English Speaking88%
  • Top Quarter55%
  • Bottom Quarter7%


95%Student Attendance Rate

  • Enrollments921
  • Non-English Speaking89%
  • Top Quarter0%
  • Bottom Quarter0%


95%Student Attendance Rate

  • Enrollments925
  • Non-English Speaking93%
  • Top Quarter58%
  • Bottom Quarter12%

NAPLAN Ranking - Secondary Schools


Rank 2 Secondary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 100
  • Reading 100
  • Writing 100
  • Language 100
  • Numeracy 100

Rank 3 Secondary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 100
  • Reading 100
  • Writing 100
  • Language 100
  • Numeracy 100

Rank 3 Secondary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 100
  • Reading 100
  • Writing 100
  • Language 100
  • Numeracy 100

Rank 4 Secondary Schools In VIC

  • Overall 100
  • Reading 100
  • Writing 100
  • Language 100
  • Numeracy 100

VCE Ranking


Rank 4 2013 VCE Ranking

  • Exams Sat 505
  • Median Score 38
  • 40+ Subjects% 37
  • 48+ Students% 4
  • Number of 50 13

Rank 2 2012 VCE Ranking

  • Exams Sat 489
  • Median Score 38
  • 40+ Subjects% 39
  • 48+ Students% 5
  • Number of 50 11

Rank 1 2011 VCE Ranking

  • Exams Sat 493
  • Median Score 39
  • 40+ Subjects% 43
  • 48+ Students% 8
  • Number of 50 21

Rank 1 2010 VCE Ranking

  • Exams Sat 484
  • Median Score 39
  • 40+ Subjects% 44
  • 48+ Students% 9
  • Number of 50 28